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A trusted partner in engineering and marketing of heavy  and compact equipment's  field  . The company provide a one stop solutions for all your heavy and compact equipment's needs .

BEC’s capabilities—the right people, the right organizations, and vast experience—make us the best collaborative partner for driving lasting change.

The first step of any growth journey is to develop a shared understanding of the challenges and By identifying the right solutions , targeting the challenge win -win situation that will have the greatest impact and building capabilities, we deliver greater levels of impact each step of the way.

With customized tools and solutions  that are easy to update, we help you target the right moves that will maximize your impact and enable your teams to maintain and execute the target over time.


Keeping client's interest ahead of our own


Suggesting a cost effective solution


Delivering value more than expected by clients


Client's success is our success


We are working to protect your business

Moreover,Bec Identify the new market opportunities and make better business decisions.

Before plunging into a new market or launching a new product Specially in some middle east regions , if the opportunities available in the new or existing market. A well executed evaluation of the market - customers, competitors, industry- empower us and our partners  to decide where to allocate the available resources and how to seize the identified market opportunities.


Our Services


Product Management

We help our partners with creating adaptive innovative offerings techniques which can  pentrate our industries Markets  that customers can acclimate… [...]


Marketing Analytics & Insights

Discover actionable insights to optimize the marketing performance. today’s companies have more data than ever at its disposal. But deriving… [...]

Technical Support

Reach to customers more effectively and efficiently.

•Focus on Our partners , Innovation, Growth

•partner-Focused : Our partnersare the reason we exist. Our business decisions and activities are thoroughly partner-focused.

•We are driven to offer our partners the best value by understanding and satisfying their needs. We will listen to our partnersand treat them fairly and respectfully.

•We provide our partnerswith truthful information about our products and services.

•Innovation & Growth : We pursue sustainable growth through continuous innovation.

•We are committed to continuously improving our technologies, products, services, processes and systems. To this end, we will actively pursue new and diverse technologies, knowledge, ideas, and information.


Technical Support



Scrap Handling / Steel Mills
From scrap to new steel products
Waste / Recycling / Substitute fuels
Two challenges, one solution: sorting and loading
Fuel wood harvest / Landscaping / Biogas
Economical use of renewable raw materials
Port Handling
Optimising your port logistics
To build something, you sometimes have to knock something down
For industry: Making light work of heavy goods
Structural and civil engineering
What is important in Structural and civil engineering?
Special civil engineering / hydraulic engineering
Why heavy duty in special civil engineering?
Quarrying / Mining
Getting the best out
Plant engineering / Offshore
High availability is particularly important in offshore use as the next service is often days away.
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